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Summer Academy- The Global Executive – Duke Youth Programs

Summer Academy- The Global Executive

Residential Specialty

Duke Youth Programs

Date/Time: Jun 14, 2020 - Jul 3, 2020     9:00am - 9:00pm
Ages: 14-18
Cost: $7,125.00
Registration deadline: Apr 15, 2020

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The business environment is a challenging space, but is also incredibly exciting and invigorating. Business leaders can experience the highest highs but also weather the lowest of lows. And executives have to do it all while leading a dynamic organization constantly facing new challenges. Being a successful business executive takes a wide array of skills from managing diverse teams to making decisions under imperfect conditions and so many more. New challenges and problems are constantly thrown at the business executive and they need to know how to tackle them at an increasingly dynamic pace. Today’s businesses need executives with not only the technical competence to manage business operations, but also the vision to see beyond the day-to-day and the passion to propel a company successfully into an ever-changing future. Throughout the Global Executive course, you will learn the critical skills to do this and much more. The academy is structured into three overarching units: The first part of the Global Executive Academy is designed to transform you into an inspirational business leader whom others will follow enthusiastically. You will investigate an array of individual and team-based skills to discover your signature strengths and distinct style of leadership. You will be placed in a series of increasingly complex and dynamic scenarios in which you will learn to use your unique skills and leadership style to unite people and move them forward with a mutual understanding, vision, and passion. The course then takes an important turn toward executive decision making and management. You will put the leadership skills you developed into practice by examining complex business scenarios. Each scenario will guide you through the process of developing and refining critical skills to navigate various business challenges. Each scenario will test your business acumen and help you explore the skills needed to make tough decisions as a business executive. To conclude the academy, you will work in teams to analyze a real-world business scenario for your final project and present a business strategy to solve an actual business challenge as though you were a team of executive consultants brought in to support a C-suite of executives in need of support to turn around their company. Final projects will be presented to a panel of business leaders in a live award ceremony.


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