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Summer Academy- The Global Leader Term 2 – Duke Youth Programs

Summer Academy- The Global Leader Term 2

Residential Specialty

Duke Youth Programs

Date/Time: Jul 12 - 31, 2020     9:00am - 9:00pm
Ages: 14-18
Cost: $7,125.00
Registration deadline: Apr 15, 2020

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The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. New technologies proliferate and, with this, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. While such developments yield undeniable benefits and exciting possibilities, they often give rise to challenging local and global problems. Now more than ever, the world needs leaders and diplomats to develop innovative and transformative solutions to today’s most pressing issues. The task of leadership demands self-awareness, emotional regulation, creativity, knowledge, and interpersonal skills for working on a team that transcends cultural boundaries. The Global Leader course is an immersive experience in which you discover the world of diplomacy, the framework within which individuals interact in international relations Integrating the best research and insights from the worlds of political science, psychology, education, behavioral economics, and business, the Global Leader will provide you with the tools and experiences to discover and develop your leadership potential by turning ideas into actions. As you explore the dynamic world of international relations, you will apply the interpersonal skills that are key to effective leadership. Working with peers from around the world, you will engage in real diplomacy though simulations of international conflict resolution and cooperation, and gain an understanding of how to ensure your skills translate across cultural boundaries. Throughout this course, you will not simply be learning a discrete set of skills; you will experience a personal transformation and emerge from this course brimming with self-confidence and changed in profound ways. The Global Leader will enhance your self-awareness, communication skills, team work and emotional intelligence – the qualities that distinguish the most effective leaders. Whether working with visual media, social media campaigns, or public speaking, you will be empowered not just to understand your world but to transform it.


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